Let Hero-Child TEACH YOUR KIDS … with Critical Addition!

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WOW!    Don’t You “L”ove it?   KID WINS!!   Check the Score in Atlanta this week:

Slightly Built 7 Year-Old GIRL                    1

Recently Released 25 Year-Old FELON    0

There is NO self-defense class more powerful and truthful for your children … than viewing the successful video tape of this FAILED CHILD ABDUCTION at Walmart in Atlanta! Watch it OVER and OVER  with these CHANGES IN YOUR RESPONSE!

1.  PRAISE Brittany’s Courage…with PASSION!   Describe her as a “HERO” (because she is…)   Use descriptive words like brave, valiant, lionhearted, bold, fearless, gallant, daring, unflinching, unshrinking, unafraid, dauntless, spirited, gutsy, spunky, etc.  ABSOLUTELY DO NOT GO INTO “JUDGMENT” OF HER MOM’S CHOICE TO ALLOW BRITTANY TO BE IN THE TOY DEPARTMENT … OUTSIDE OF IMMEDIATE SIGHT.  PLEASE DON’T BE A HYPOCRITE!   AT AGE 7,  “TRUST IN SMALL EXPERIENCES OF SEPARATION” IS HEALTHY AND NORMAL!  REMEMBER … BRITTANY WAS “OLD ENOUGH” TO KNOW WHAT TO DO…AND SHE DID IT!  SHE WON!

2. SAY: “In the UNLIKELY event that this happens to you….I  see you JUST AS BRAVE … doing the EXACT same thing!”  Emphasize “UNLIKELY” because serious abduction of your child is unlikely…just as it is UNLIKELY you will crash your car on the interstate near your home, as someone did last week.  NO OVER-REACTION please! In other words … STOP visualizing your child being abducted…and LOSING! 

3. ADD THIS “NEXT LEVEL” TRUTH: “If the bad-guy doesn’t release you (as he released Brittany), keep kicking and screaming until you can “slam” his THROAT with your “L”ove hand(s)! In an atmosphere of FUN, have your children “practice” striking the THROAT on cardboard tubes from empty paper towels and toilet paper rolls.  Position child’s hands into an “L” (fingers together, thumb out!)…then strike the cardboard tube (paper tubes simulates the structure frailness of the human trachea.) Emphasize to your children that we NEVER play-around or practice striking a real person’s THROAT because it can cause very serious injury (or death) … we only practice strikes on paper tubes!

WARNING: The decision of “when” to teach this serious tactic to your children depends on your judgment of their maturity to “understand” and not abuse this level of power.  We taught our daughter when she was 7, but waited until our son was 8…because he was just too immature at age 7.


Who WINS or LOSES in violence … isn’t about SIZE … it’s about AIR!

The abductor grabbed Brittany by covering her nose and mouth with his large hand. His reason? To take away her AIR!

Covering a victim’s nose/mouth:

1. STOPS most from making noise

2. SLOWS DOWN their muscular power

3. Emotionally TERRIFIES, creating  dreaded state of “freeze”.

Brittany’s abductor failed because he did not have Brittany’s AIR!

Brittany’s (obvious) natural response was to STRUGGLE WILDLY which freed her nose/mouth … fueling her body with minimum AIR necessary to SCREAM & KICK effectively until her abductor dropped her!  How can you help your children have this “natural” response?  BY PROGRAMMING THEM PHYSICALLY and EMOTIONALLY … TO “WIN!”

Make it a “game” to PRACTICE BREATH RECOVERY regularly by belting out roof-raising ROARS/SCREAMS whenever you and your children are “surprise attacked” and startled with HOT/COLD water (while showering/bathing/kitchen clean-up) or while cooking (touching hot pan or getting a face of steam). These surprise “tests” happen often and provide you and your children with an automatic response opportunity to “ROAR” (from the belly) … instead of “sucking-in-the-pain and holding-your-breath” … otherwise known as “freezing!”

Of course, an occasional, playful “surprise practice GRAB” of children, by you (YEP! Mom or Dad!) gives them a chance to experience how to BREATHE/ROAR, KICK and FIGHT even when being lifted off the ground. Please don’t overdue this!  And…BE CAREFUL…If they know to target your THROAT ! Stop quickly and say “OK! You GOT ME!  GREAT JOB! I KNOW YOU CAN DO IT!  I ALSO KNOW …NO MATTER WHAT THE TEST, YOU WILL ALWAYS  FIND A WAY … TO COME HOME TO ME1″  

Because, armed with “L”ove (physically-with two “L” hands and emotionally-with your blind belief in their natural “AIR-fueled” power) they CAN … and they WILL … come home to you … safely!    :)

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  • By debbie - on

    It’s a great public service for ALL media outlets … to celebrate this brave 7 year-old success. Her recognition IS worthy! Brittany’s abductor was just released from prison for MANSLAUGHTER! He was truly a BADguy. She WON! Wish her hometown would put a bronze statute of her … in a Park … for all to admire! All wars are not large and are not overseas. Brittany was a soldier and WON her personal war in her neighborhood … at Walmart. Are you aware a a trilogy of books, HUNGER GAMES, highlighting the amazing courage of a 16 year old Hero? A movie will be released in mid-March. I encourage you to read the books, watch the movie and help the youth in your life … develop a strong spine and be willing to fight for what’s right starting with their own personal safety! Thanks again for your comments!

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