When Mind Candy Turns Tragic – Aurora Shooting

Colorado Shooting

When Mind Candy Turns Tragic – Aurora Shooting

People, especially young adults and teens, are electrified by the combined stimulation of  the midnight hour, physical darkness and a “dark” thriller movie. It’s an innocent yet intentional flirt with evil–exhilarating MIND CANDY!

When the Aurora shooting took place while audience attended a midnight movie premier starring BATMAN, they expected a passive experience. Instead, theirs was an active experience–a real, planned massacre with tear gas and bullets!


Why it happened and how to prevent future massacres is someone else’s responsibility.  Your responsibility, if faced with any type of life threatening tragedy, is to SAVE YOURSELF! Regardless of the circumstances, your core response for self-control precedes self-defense:

  1. BELLY-Breathe!  Terror literally takes your breath away… you are not “frozen” you are holding your breath which is impeding your ability to move and think. Fighting off the effects of tear gas was an added challenge in this massacre.
  2. GRIP your hands or clutch objects (like cell phone, water bottle, etc.).  Gripping your hands forces blood to circulate from your pounding heart back to your hands, head and legs in order for you to escape, fight and/or dial 9-1-1 accurately.
  3. Visualize LOVED ones for motivation to do what might seem impossible. Mental pictures of who you love combined with strong self-talk like: “Get out of here! Get home!” are critically needed for positive motivation!

Deep breathing, gripping and staying mentally positive allows your adrenaline rush to kick in – greatly enhancing the  “miracle” of your Survival!  With SELF CONTROL, you can make the decision to escape or fight…right!

If trapped by an active shooter, remember GUNS don’t kill people, BULLETS kill people!

  1. Grab the BARREL of gun to redirect path of bullets away from your Kill-Zone – head, chest, stomach.
  2. Strike the shooter’s THROAT with your hand in the “L”ove position (flat hand, thumb out).

Summary:  The Winner in a life & death battle is the person who is BREATHING when it’s over!

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  • Kathleen

    This video is so empowering! Keep up the good work. You hope your loved ones never have to use these lessons but EVERYONE needs to know your methods. It should be mandatory for women.

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