About Survive Institute

FEAR is a war in your mind!

Why do you visualize losing?

Isn’t it time to equip your mind’s war with just a few choices that save you, in your imagination … and in reality?

This is our 30th year dedicated to one mission: teach law abiding citizens as little self-defense as possible! Only what works! We transform Worriers … into Warriors!

Love is the foundation we use to explain new and effective MENTAL Power, VERBAL Power and PHYSICAL Power!  We call our message “Family” Defense rather than “self” defense.  As a caring, law abiding citizen, our research proves you need more “whys” and less “hows” in order to save yourself.

If you are a parent, you need to teach your kids “Family” defense at your kitchen table. It’s 80% Heart/Head talk and 20% Hands/Feet tactics–and you can do it!  Stop repeating old safety rhetoric and guilt talk and start teaching something “that works!” Parents! Be a COURAGE-Coach instead of a Fear-Coach!  The school massacre in Connecticut has proven once again, we are living in new normal times.

If you’ve been surfing the net, you’ve likely found other self-defense websites that have actually scare you as you read. Odds are they are they are great people, great credentials, great training … but something about their “packaging” doesn’t connect. We get that completely. Packaging matters! We know you don’t need more fear,  you need more power! You’ll find no scary statistics or fear-based selling techniques in our material.

By now you are thinking we are nuts – OR – you’re impressed! Hopefully you are thinking: “Wow, this is different! Maybe these people can empower me to FEEL safer because I am fed up with fearing crime and constantly worrying about the safety of myself and my family!”

So congratulations! You have found what your heart has been looking for: Family Safety!   Finally … a simple, healthy and effective alternative to traditional self-defense that will allow you to honestly answer “YES!” to these critical questions: Can you really save your own life? … Can your spouse? … Can your kids?  … Can your co-workers?



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