REALTORS! Use your CELL PHONE for Clever, Effective Safety!
The best self-defense weapon is whatever is in your hand the second you are attacked! Here are 10 reasons why CELL-PHONE-DEFENSE is likely your best choice for mental, verbal, physical – and legal power! It’s reasonable for you to carry your cell phone in one hand – at all times (or within a quick reach) › Read more
Are you being manipulated by crime statistics?
We are often asked: “Why don’t you ever quote crime statistics?” Our answer: “Because crime statistics are rarely accurate. The numbers are played with (reclassified) to support—political agendas.” Our answer is sad, and true. Police departments must answer to their bosses—politicians—who need to get elected and re-elected. Do PD’s (and politicians) need increased manpower?  Bigger › Read more
A GOOD LONG WALK! Virtuous or Dangerous?
I totally enjoyed reading this article about the VIRTUE OF A GOOD LONG WALK! As a life long boater, I have deep beliefs about the power of nature to improve your health and lift your spirit, especially when sad or depressed. For decades, I’ve taught our kids to watch and appreciate God’s Free Art Show, something others call sunrises and sunsets. Alone › Read more
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Self-Defense & Love?


All You Need is... "L"ove!
emphasis on “L” is on purpose

Love is the foundation we use to explain new and effective MENTAL Power, VERBAL Power and PHYSICAL Power! As a caring, law abiding citizen, our research proves you need more "whys" and less "hows" in order to save yourself.

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