REALTORS! Use your CELL PHONE for Clever, Effective Safety!

REALTORS! Use your CELL PHONE for Clever, Effective Safety!

The best self-defense weapon is whatever is in your hand the second you are attacked! Here are 10 reasons why CELL-PHONE-DEFENSE is likely your best choice for mental, verbal, physical – and legal power!

It’s reasonable for you to carry your cell phone in one hand – at all times (or within a quick reach) when engaging with the public, especially showing homes or exploring properties – alone.

1. Grip and squeeze your cell phone to calm your fear (to circulate blood from your pounding heart.) Add deep, slow belly-breaths – like baseball players! They grip/swing their bats and belly-breathe between each pitch – to activate muscular strength and calm their nerves for focused peak performance!

2. Picture who you most LOVE – for courage and motivation when scared. It’s easy if you put that picture on your cell phone’s screen saver! You’ll literally see loved ones (including pets!) hundreds of times a day. Consider an attack on you as a direct attack on your loved ones – because it is! Your safety is much more than self-defense – it’s family defense! LOVE accesses your natural MVP Momma/Poppa Bear instincts – even if you’re not a parent! LOVE engages natural Mental, Verbal & Physical power!

3. At the door, ask strangers for their Driver’s License, explaining it’s a new safety policy (as listed on the sign at the front door.) Use your cell phone to take a photo of the stranger’s drivers license and send it immediately to your preprogrammed list: office, spouse, friend, etc. Apartment rental agencies have been doing this protection … for years!

ADDITIONAL OPTIONS! If your gut warrants a need for more immediate upfront control, turn-up your theatre of power using “policy” to intimidate creeps (and possibly sift-out unqualified lookers!) Reasonable strangers who become future clients will understand the awkwardness of these extended safety precautions. You all can laugh about it at Closing! Be prepared for a creep to verbally object to your ID request – then LEAVE! You’ll never be able to prove crimes you just stopped!

  • Take and send a PICTURE of STRANGER. Cover with a comforting explanation like “new policy for Realtor Safety” or “the client” asked me to photograph all visitors in their home.” If you get resistance, state that many homes you show have inside and outside security cameras engaged at all times! (Not what a criminal wants to hear!)
  • Take and send a PICTURE of stranger’s CREDIT CARD! Explain that it is for ID only. There will be no charge. Car rental companies and hotel clerks ask for credit card ID – all the time! If needed, say, “Yes, you can contact my office and complain about this Safety Policy!”

4. Discreetly, turn on your cell phone to record constantly as you walk, talk and show property features. The stranger does not need to know video recorder is on.

Use your non-phone hand to gesture strangers to always walk in front of you– up steps – down hallways – in and out of rooms. Never, never, never let a stranger, especially a creep, walk behind you! Keep your eyes (and cell phone) on them always.

5. If a verbal escalation erupts, firmly tell stranger to leave – as you STEP BACK. Your cell phone is recording all uncomfortable dialogue and your defensive “step back” movement (a legally important choice you can prove!)

6. If you feel threatened – GET OUT! Use cell phone to record creep’s car and license number if possible, as you flee to safety in your car or neighbor’s home.

7. If an attack is imminent, strike the attacker’s THROAT with the side of your cell phone (still recording). You do not need to wait for an attacker to touch/grab/strike you. (By law, you are allowed to use self-defense to fight against the threat of serious physical harm! When you step back and attacker violently steps towards you, “threat” is established!

  • Hit FIRST, when attacker crosses into your “space.” Remember, you deliberately stepped BACK while talking, for your safety. There is no reason for a violent person to step into your personal space … except to commit a crime. The survivor of violence is the one who is BREATHING when the violence ends. Fight for your breath as you stop the attackers!
  • If your cell phone is not in your hand, use either side of your hands in a “L” position to strike the THROAT. Consider this! You are fighting for the “L”ove of your family. No matter what, you are going home!
  • You can also strike attacker’s THROAT with anything within quick reach, i.e., water bottle, highlighter pen, TV remote, iPad, picture frame … and of course, kitchen knives.
  • Get Out! Dial 9-1-1. Keep recording while talking to Operator, if your phone has that feature.

8. When police/security arrive, turn your cell phone recorder on AGAIN. Immediately say these key words:

  • “I was FORCED to strike him”
  • “I thought he was going to INJURE or KILL me”
  • “Here is my CELL PHONE RECORDING of exactly what happened!”

Stop recording. Hand your cell phone over to police. It contains priceless evidence validating your right to show properties alone – and remain safe!

9. Share these life-saving cell phone defense ideas with your family so they stop worrying about your safety while working! Passionately emphasize:

  • “L”ove is Power!
  • Cell Phones are awesome!
  • I will “allow no one to confuse my kindness, as weakness!”

Wondering what to do if attacker is ARMED? Please contact us!