Are you being manipulated by crime statistics?

Are you being manipulated by crime statistics?

We are often asked: “Why don’t you ever quote crime statistics?”

Our answer: “Because crime statistics are rarely accurate. The numbers are played with (reclassified) to support—political agendas.”

Our answer is sad, and true. Police departments must answer to their bosses—politicians—who need to get elected and re-elected. Do PD’s (and politicians) need increased manpower?  Bigger budgets?  Proof crime is going up? Proof crime is coming down?  Well then—arrange the needed numbers!

Stunning proof is in this recent article listing several reclassification and manipulation of crime statistics in Chicago! Most alarming is the reclassification of a young woman’s horrific murder from homicide caused by unspecified means to a new statistical category called non-criminal death. Do you think someone(s) in Chicago wants the city’s murder rate to drop?

As former law enforcement officers, this article breaks our hearts. We are appalled that officers involved in this woman’s crime investigation (and others) would tolerate this level of statistical manipulation—lies!  And why do you think Chicago officers tolerate lies and won’t give their names in the article? Fear of politics—job demotion, job loss, etc.

It appears some Chicago officers are choosing career comfort over character.  With all due respect to the Chicago Police Department, these “statistical re-classifications” are not acceptable and are deserving of citizen outrage!

A further concern involves the FBI. How do they score fudged crime statistics from police departments (like Chicago’s) in their annual Uniform Crime Report? UCR’s serve as our nation’s #1 research source for the collection of national crime data.

Because truth matters, this is our only crime statistic quote:
One crime, is one-too-many,especially if that crime affects you, or someone you love.”

An even better (crime) statistic quote comes from Mark Twain:
“There are lies, damned lies and statistics.”

Now more than ever, law abiding citizens need to demand honest record keeping by honest civil servants and politicians—who aren’t afraid to record reality. Whether crime statistics hurt—or heal, we have the right to know the truth!


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