Colorado Shooting

When Mind Candy Turns Tragic – Aurora Shooting

People, especially young adults and teens, are electrified by the combined stimulation of  the midnight hour, physical darkness and a “dark” thriller movie. It’s an innocent yet intentional flirt with…

Attempted Kidnapping

Let Hero-Child TEACH YOUR KIDS … with Critical Addition!

[youtube id=”gC3BpNwZ2NY”] WOW!    Don’t You “L”ove it?   KID WINS!!   Check the Score in Atlanta this week: Slightly Built 7 Year-Old GIRL            …

Happy 30th Birthday SURVIVE INSTITUTE!

I cannot believe that it was 30 years ago today, that SURVIVE INSTITUTE was born. The name was created on a restaurant napkin, at Maury’s Tiny Cove  in Cheviot, Ohio….