Raising Kids Who Can Protect Themselves


In Raising Kids Who Can Protect Themselves, Debbie and Mike Gardner share their decades of self-defense experience to show parents how to teach their children courage–the trait needed to make brave, smart, and safe choices, no matter what their age, no matter what the situation. Raising Kids Who Can Protect Themselves helps families foster courage in their children at an early age so that it becomes an inherent trait, rather than a situational need. The book features:

• Age-appropriate methods to instill courage in children without creating fear

• Courage coaching as a way to create a family defense system

• Lifesaving skills, such as quality eye contact, voice control, breathing, control of inappropriate crying, development of positive self-talk, and space awareness

• Ways to reduce children’s vulnerability

• Site-specific survival strategies, from parties to the mall to sports practice

The book is available at your local bookstore, Amazon, Kindle and directly from Survive Institute.

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