3 Missing Women Escape Captivity!

3 Missing Women Escape Captivity!

Family’s prayers answered!  Incredible Courage is alive in Cleveland, OH!

I, like you, will watch and listen deeply to our Country’s new “experts” on kidnapping —the three brave women who just escaped deplorable captivity and sexual atrocities for over 10 years.

As the curtain of evil is pulled back, we have so much to learn about how masters of deception—horrific criminals—live among us! Adding insult to injury, it appears the monster-in-charge was a former Cleveland school bus driver.

2013 has been a stunning year exposing new HEART-BREAKING VIOLENCE proving without a doubt—we are living in New Normal times.

So, how are you coping?

As a professional consultant in the Crime Industry, I humbly offer this advice that has saved my sanity for the past 40 years:  Control your focus by carefully separating which crime details go into your HEAD -vs- HEART.

HEAD: Horrific details will likely drip-out for days.  Allow the data to drift from your eyes and ears into your head—only —for brain processing. Logically digest the facts as they surface. Be intrigued (like a detective) looking for cracks, holes, strategies for prevention and survival, knowing that you have the bonus advantage of  “watching the movie backwards” — now that the brave women ended their nightmare—themselves. Hitch-hiking on their experience, what would/could you do differently?  That’s healthy thinking!

HEART: Do not let your heart—break—trying to make sense of this level of evil. These 3 brother-monsters are heart-less, making it impossible for your heart to understand their—void.  For over a decade, these 3 monsters physically, sexually and emotionally hurt 3 teens, now young women. Do not allow their horrific behavior to now hurt your heart and your family!

Instead, focus your feelings—your heart— on the extreme goodness and courage that enabled these women to escape! Attempt to understand what fueled them to wake up everyday, believing their rescue and freedom might come. Never Give Up! was more than a motivational quote in their young lives! Let your Heart absorb every word they say about tough times and hanging on! Hunt for life-changing inspiration in every news report you encounter, hoping that you too, if tested, could be as heroic in your challenge as Amanda, Gina and Michelle have been in theirs.

Focus, too, on those brave neighbors! One responded to strange sounds and literally kicked in the front door. Another provided a phone. They chose involvement knowing dangerous retaliation might follow.  Inspirational! Astounding!

My final coping suggestion is quite radical.  Do not worry that this is going to happen to you or your loved ones. The odds are slim. I challenge you to use this horrific crime to purge the word worry out of your vocabulary.  Why? Because worry weakens! Worry is not action. Worry is not a safety tactic. Worry is a war in your mind that causes constant stress and can literally make you and your family sick. Do not give these 3 monsters your physical and emotional health. They have already taken enough from society!

I believe the best way for us to show our support of these 3 remarkable women—is to cope—by raising our level of courage to stay positive and Never Give Up, in their honor.

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