Chardon High School Shooting HEROES! The Coach … and His Coaches!

Parents!  You have a CHOICE to mold your children to be “Victims” or “Victors”.  They cannot be both. Victors are programmed to WIN, because they are programmed to TRY. Please understand before every “tactic” performed … is the DECISION to TRY … knowing darn well … failure is possible (in sports, in violence prevention … in LIFE!)

“Victors” BELIEVE they can, before they are tested!  “Victors” know every possible scenario cannot be predicted or practiced. That’s why limited fundamentals are practiced over and over, knowing real-time adjustments can be added. “Victors” know how to adjust. They find a way!

Sports provide a reasonable outlet for your children to experience How to be a Victor!  Faced with performance anxiety, your kids learn:

…to TRY (yep, Nike got it right “Just Do It”)

…to hang in there, not QUIT

…to overcome self-doubt

…to fight through the pain

…to get hurt, but not stop

…to be loyal to the team

Stop believing that your children and their team’s “success” is measured in the WIN – LOSS record. The W-L column is about WINS and LEARNS!  W-L Success is  about “who” your children become on the inside, not what they get (trophy) on the outside!

Our son, a high school teacher & football coach, forwarded this article to me today. To Jim and every coach out there, I say: “THANK YOU and God bless you, especially in your times of frustration.  Especially with the “beginners” and “ungifted.” Who knows when your moral foundation and screams to “dig-deeper, try harder” will empower a former player to literally use those skills to save lives … years later … as Coach Frank Hall has done!”

Let’s all pause and give thanks to Charon’s HERO, Coach Frank Hall, to his parents for supporting his sports, and to the unsung HEROES … his former Football Coaches who molded Frank Hall’s spine and heart. They succeeded in teaching him how to TRY, ADJUST and APPLY his Grid Iron Courage … into STOPPING additional deaths in a cafeteria shoot-out!

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